“Tell me more about THA.”
   “Sorry, I don't know any more. It's organized in a cellular network, so I only know four other people in the Association. It'll stay that way until I advance.”
   “And how do you advance?”
   “By being good,” Eldon answered. “It's not by seniority at all, not like in companies and trade unions. Like the minister of intelligence, he's only a sophomore now. He spent all his time hacking. It was hack all night, sleep all day, and he almost flunked out. Come to think of it, he was pretty smart. He did his advancing as a freshman when all the courses are pass-fail. I wonder if he planned it that way.”
   “How's he doing now?”
   “He's doing really well. Actually, I'm not supposed to know who he is, but he opened a door for me and I recognized his sneakers. He's actually a friend of mine. I mean, I had no idea.”
—Pepper White, The Idea Factory: Learning to Think at MIT, MIT Press, 2001

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