Treasure ahoy!

What do robots and pirates have in common? Everyone is interested in them!

In 2017 I became interested in a famous well-known pirate called Olivier Levasseur. He's famous for the ferocity and suddenness of his attacks, which earned him the nickname of 'The Buzzard' (in French: 'La Buse'). One of the ships he attacked, a portuguese galleon returning from India to Portugal, had a huge amount of treasure on board, worth several billion dollars in today's money. It is thought that La Buse buried his share of the treasure somewhere (several hundred million dollars' worth) before being caught and hanged in 1730 on the island of Bourbon (now called Réunion) which lies east of Madagascar. Just before he was hung he threw a paper into the crowd and shouted "Mes trésors à qui saura comprendre!" ("My treasures to he who will know how to understand!"). That paper was a cryptogram which everyone assumes gives clues as to the location of his treasure. A copy of the cryptogram is available to us today (clickable):

We can assume it is a copy because it's very clean and fresh-looking - surely not a paper several hundred years old. It seems also that it a very poor copy (or copy of a copy of a copy...) because it seems to contain a lot of errors. Anyway, the treasure has never been found and is still waiting for 'he who will know how to understand'. I was so intrigued by the cryptogram that I spent several weeks researching it and I ended up making an interpretation that I think is better than any other! Does that mean I found the treasure and am writing this on my mega-yacht in the Caribbean? Unfortunately not. But maybe if you visit my site about the cryptogram you'll be able to complete the interpretation and locate the treasure? If you do, please consider giving me 10% of its value. Let's see... 10% of 500 million dollars is... 50 million dollars. Thanks in advance! 

Click HERE to visit my site about La Buse. The site is in both English and French.