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Possible bug in MobaXTerm or Brickman?

posted 24 Mar 2017, 16:53 by Nigel Ward   [ updated 25 Mar 2017, 09:31 ]
I have recommended MobaXTerm Free Edition on this website but have recently become aware of a possible bug in the way that MobaXTerm and Brickman interact. That bug could be in either MobaXTerm or Brickman - more likely Brickman since it is still officially in a pre-release phase. If, in MobaXTerm, you use the 'Create New File' button in the SFTP sidebar or if you right-click the sidebar and choose 'New Empty File' to create a new python file then you can edit that file (including putting the shebang in the first line of the file) and make it executable but I believe the file cannot be opened correctly in Brickman until the EV3 brick has been restarted. Instead, a tiny text message flashes briefly on the LCD screen - it says something like 'Bad interpreter. Text File Busy.' The same file can be launched fine from the terminal or on the computer (using RPyC) - it is only when you try to run it from Brickman that this problem is apparent. 

If you experience this problem then simply create new python files some other way:
  • On the terminal you can create a new python file in the current folder with, for example, nano   (use the file name of your choice).
  • If you are using a python IDE on the computer (using RPyC to enable the running of the script in the computer in such a way that it appears to be running on the EV3) then use the IDE to make the new file. If you have mapped the EV3 to a Windows drive letter with SFTP Net Drive Free then you can save the new file directly to the EV3.
  • On my Windows 10 PC, if I right-click inside a file listing in Windows Explorer I can choose New>Python file. I don't suppose this is default behavior in Windows 10 and I don't know which app on my PC made this available.