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Possible bug in MobaXTerm or Brickman?

posted 24 Mar 2017, 16:53 by Nigel Ward   [ updated 25 Mar 2017, 09:31 ]

I have recommended MobaXTerm Free Edition on this website but have recently become aware of a possible bug in the way that MobaXTerm and Brickman interact. That bug could be in either MobaXTerm or Brickman - more likely Brickman since it is still officially in a pre-release phase. If, in MobaXTerm, you use the 'Create New File' button in the SFTP sidebar or if you right-click the sidebar and choose 'New Empty File' to create a new python file then you can edit that file (including putting the shebang in the first line of the file) and make it executable but I believe the file cannot be opened correctly in Brickman until the EV3 brick has been restarted. Instead, a tiny text message flashes briefly on the LCD screen - it says something like 'Bad interpreter. Text File Busy.' The same file can be launched fine from the terminal or on the computer (using RPyC) - it is only when you try to run it from Brickman that this problem is apparent. 

If you experience this problem then simply create new python files some other way:
  • On the terminal you can create a new python file in the current folder with, for example, nano   (use the file name of your choice).
  • If you are using a python IDE on the computer (using RPyC to enable the running of the script in the computer in such a way that it appears to be running on the EV3) then use the IDE to make the new file. If you have mapped the EV3 to a Windows drive letter with SFTP Net Drive Free then you can save the new file directly to the EV3.
  • On my Windows 10 PC, if I right-click inside a file listing in Windows Explorer I can choose New>Python file. I don't suppose this is default behavior in Windows 10 and I don't know which app on my PC made this available. 

New version of EV3 Python (v0.8.0)

posted 20 Mar 2017, 17:26 by Nigel Ward   [ updated 23 Mar 2017, 13:39 ]

Good news! A new version of EV3 Python has just been released (v0.8.0), which includes new, larger fonts, a function to make program execution pause until motors have completed their movement and improved control over the LEDs on the brick. To upgrade your existing system to the new version first run sudo apt-get update to download new lists of available packages and then run this command:
sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade python3-ev3dev

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