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My questions

As you know:
  • I feel that there is very little information available online to help beginners get started with EV3 Python, and that is the reason I created this site
  • I myself am not an expert or professional in Python and EV3 Python
I have slowly made progress in mastering Python and EV3 Python, and have made this site to help make you progress faster than I was able to do. But there are still many things about EV3 Python that I have not yet worked out, so if you know a bit about EV3 Python and know the answers to any of the questions on this page then please write to me at nward2008 - at - gmail.com and together we can make this site even more useful to beginners. I'll happily give you credit if you can help fill in the gaps on this site.

On this page I have split my questions into two sections: Questions related to EV3 Python questions and other questions.

Questions about EV3 Python (including questions about standard Python)

For users who choose not to use the wonderful VS Code workflow, Ev3dev.org recommends the use of PuTTY for Windows users but my experiments lead me to recommend MobaXTerm instead to gain extra functionality and a built-in text editor that can be used to edit Python programs. Do you agree? Comments? What about WinSCP?

The EV3 brick includes Bluetooth. Is is possible to pass audio via the Bluetooth connection to Bluetooth speakers, thereby boosting the loudspeaker on the brick?

I know that the USB slot on the EV3 brick can be used to attach things like keyboards, wifi dongles etc. Apart from the obvious value of attaching a wifi dongle, what other devices can be used with EV3dev / EV3 Python? Is it possible to use a webcam? And is it possible to attach a USB hub to the USB slot and thereby use multiple devices?

This site explains already how to copy the standard Lego EV3 graphics files in BMP format) to the brick and then use them in EV3 Basic programs. But what about the standard EV3 sound files? Can they be used in EV3 Python programs and if so, how? (They are in a non-standard sound format called RSF for Robot Sound Format.)

The ev3dev.org site recommends that 'tethering' be used when no internet connection is needed for the brick but the USB tethering help page is blank as of 2 Sept 2016. Can you help? (The Bluetooth tethering page gives instructions for OSX, Ubuntu and Android but not Windows as of 2 Sept 2016.)

The documentation for text-to-speech lists these parameters: speak(text, espeak_opts='-a 200 -s 130') What are the parameters I have highlighted in bold?

Questions NOT about EV3 Python

There are currently (2 Sept 2016) no instructions on ev3dev.org for setting up a Wifi connection to the internet using Brickman. I found instructions on page 11 of the this pdf document but they do not include making the IP address of the brick static as ev3dev recommends for the USB connection; So, should the IP address also be made static for the WiFi connection? Nor do the instructions on the pdf say to turn on 'connect automatically'. I'm guessing this should be turned on - please confirm.

Am I right to think that IPython / Jupyter should not be used with the EV3 because the EV brick does not have enough RAM for that to work well?