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Going Further

On this page you will find links to some demonstration programs that go further than the very simple EV3 Python programs you will find elsewhere on this site.

The keyboard control program on this site allows you to control use the PC keyboard to control a mobile robot in real time, even if there is only a wireless connection between the PC and the brick.

In this demo, an Explor3r robot with touch sensor attachment drives autonomously. The robot slows down when it senses an obstacle ahead with the infrared sensor. It then drives slowly forward until the obstacle is bumped (determined by the touch sensor), then turns in a random direction and continues. This demonstrates usage of motors, sound, sensors and leds.

This script gives the Ev3rstorm robot the personality of Marvin, the paranoid android who stars in the radio series / TV series / book series / motion picture 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'. This is one of the only scripts on this site that creates a new 'class' - a very important concept in Python.

Droid factory tracks the number of light and dark-colored droids passing on a conveyor belt. Includes video and EV3 Python code.

SeanBot is an EV3 robot controlled via a web interface. Code available HERE.

See also the amazing, very advanced projects on the ev3dev.org site. Some but not all of these projects were made with EV3 Python.