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Get Help

This page suggests ways of getting help while you are using EV3 Python, i.e. running Python on the EV3 and communicating with the EV3 via a console on the PC.

You can get help in many ways:

In addition to the help you are getting from this site, you can get help from ev3dev.org and especially from the Get Help page on that site. See also the EV3 Python bindings page.

To get help with Linux commands while at the Linux prompt you are supposed to be able to get help by typing man for manual. Here's what happens when I ask for help with the ls command for listing the contents of a directory (or folder):

Linux could not find the man command so either I'm doing something wrong or else the man command has been removed from the EV3dev version of Linux, which would be regrettable.

To get help with Python while running an interactive python3 session, type  help() and press enter. (Recall that you can start an interactive python3 session in the console by typing python3 and pressing enter.) You should see something like this:

Perhaps, by exploring the help system, you can find some useful information. For example, when I typed ev3dev at the help prompt I learnt that the ev3dev module (or package) contains four items: ev3, brickpi, core and auto. Can anyone tell me the difference between ev3 and auto? I'm afraid that the information in the help system may not be very useful to a newbie like you. To exit the Python help system, type quit as shown above.