Stop Press! Do you use AVG Antivirus? Does it interfere with the launching of your Small Basic or EV3 Basic programs? Try this solution, but be aware that it will slightly reduce the level of protection of your computer:
AVG > Antivirus Free > Menu > Settings > General > Turn off 'Enable CyberCapture'

Stop Press! A new version, v1.2, of the EV3 extension has been released. It includes useful functions that mimic the Move Steering block of EV3-G, as well as new functions to facilitate communication with I2C devices. See HERE for details. 

Stop Press! A new Windows Store version of Small Basic (v1.3) has recently been released (August 2017) but the current version 1.2 of the EV3 extension for Small Basic is NOT compatible with the new Windows Store version of Small Basic so if you want to use EV3 Basic you should continue to use Small Basic v1.2 until a desktop version of Small Basic v1.3 is released. To better understand the differences between Windows Store apps and Windows desktop apps, click HERE.

Stop Press! David Musgrave, who runs a development and consulting business in Australia, has made a robotics portal in which you can find help with robotics fundamentals using EV3 Basic and also help using non-Lego hardware with EV3 Basic, such as the Mindsensors Sensor Multiplexer and the Mindsensors Motor Multiplexer.

Stop Press! A course on EV3 Basic is now available on! My Udemy course contains much of the material from this site plus many extra quizzes to reinforce your knowledge. Above all, it has a clearer pedagogical sequence than this site and includes Udemy features such as the possibility of communicating with others taking the course to get help. So if you want to learn EV3 Basic then I recommend you learn it there rather than here. The Udemy course is completely free and can be accessed HEREWithin just the first two months of launch, more than a thousand people enrolled in this course, and more than 3500 enrolled by June 2017!

Stop Press! I have made some YouTube videos to help you get started with EV3 Basic. The videos are short, with text as well as audio narration, so they can be easily used in a classroom environment.