The pharmaceutical and diagnostic markets are multimillion dollar industries that have seen great flourish in recent years. The focus of dealing with the disease has moved from treatment to prevention, prognosis or early diagnosis, as these have been recognised as crucial factors in the effective combating of disease and improvement of well-being of the individual through to old age. Identification in the blood and urine of diet-related biomarkers responsible for disease onset can inform changes in life style and prevent disease occurrence. Similarly, identification of markers associated with disease onset and progression, such as tumour markers, can help therapeutic intervention at early stages of the disease, thus significantly improving therapeutic outcome. Use of such markers in the development of therapeutics, can also lead to personalised medicines, with improved efficacy and reduced side effects, avoiding use of medicines where these are ineffective, whilst there is a continuous search for novel reagents with desired properties as candidates in drug development programmes.
Our aim is the provision of services to the pharmaceutical industry in the form of educational and advisory role as well as hands-on technical expertise and problem-solving approaches in the delivery of novel molecules as drug candidates or recognition units in diagnostic and sensor applications that ultimately aims in assisting to bring products to the market and making them accessible to the individual in an attempt to inform life-style changes, improve physical and mental performances and well-being, as well as slow down the ageing processes and disease onset, or treat life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

Dr Missailidis, founder and CEO of Euzoia ltd., with a broad experience on aptamer research and development and contributions to research on monoclonal antibodies, single-chain Fvs, diabodies and small molecule chemotherapy agents, and a network of collaborating experts, is in an ideal position to deliver these aims of Euzoia.

Dr. Jon G.Hall, CIO, provides engineering and problem solving research experience to the company, including a range of information technology and services.