GODOGOOD search for more information about VeganYogaPeople (Dutch version)

VeganYogaPeople started as a Facebook group, created by the initiator of GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL / 
Stichting GODOGOOD in  the Netherlands. 
STIJN C.R.E.C.Gabeler
A facebook group made to connect people and share knowledge about the Vegan and Yoga Life ....

If you are a vegetarian and wanting to become a vegan or if you want to learn more Yoga exercises and 
if you are trying to find a better and healthier life-style, Join the group

Now we hope to reachout for more and more people by sharing our knowledge and our daily life-style
Sent your messages in the group and use the hastag, #VeganYogaPeople 

Our goal is to reach-out  for 50.000 people or more befor 2020.

The concept idea is to reach out for many people befor 2020 - 
Searching for 20 motivated professionals in the Yoga industry and in the Vegan industry.
We wish to reachout for 20 professional Yogies who are willing and able to work together to create an event 
and organise a global event on 2020.
With about more than 5000 followers, we hope to find globally about 2000 to 2020 Volunteers 

The Volunteers and the VeganYogies or Guru's working somewhere in the world on daily practicing 
can help to create the 2020 event, VeganYogaPeople Festivals World Wide and organise an organisation 
that creates Events, Meetups, Workshops, Congresses and Comptetions World Wide.

With daily posts online and a group of social-media-focussing exposure, we hope to reachout for more
motivated people and we hope to inspire the world to live more healthy by exercising more and eat healthier.

With daily practicing exercises and providing eachother with knowledge about the food industry and our 
human bodies, we hope to gather a database of information and create educational content.

On Radio, TV or on the internet we hope that people will start to work together and create new concepts 
... new ways, ... new opportunaties ... new manners and habbits to live for and rituals to maintain.

Broadcasting live or posting vlogs, blogs and writings can help the VeganYogaPeople group and might
make it possible for investors to support big or small events caring about life, earth and human-beings all 
over the planet.

Creating content and making people aware and involved can help the VeganYogaPeople brand to become
a known and respected brandname/trademark. 
Hopefully people are able to design and create new products and services around this project.

Working together to support a good-cause, charitable organisations for the health industry and projects as:
Animal protection, Earth and environmental awareness, Global Social Events and bringing people together 
will make a change for the better. This world deserves a life lived well. So live it and be part of it.

Be the change you want to see.
Be part of a team, locally, regionally or nationally and help us to setup these teams and activities.
Find ways to connect to people in and outside the group.
Connect to groups in other countries,
Communicate and  create the services and products suitable within the Vegan and Yoga Life.

By practicing daily any yoga routine and getting together once a week or once a month, you can become
a teacher, coach and supporter / assistant for anyone and any group wishing to learn from you.

Sharing the knowledge will help to lift up people and education is the way to make things transparant, open 
and public to get towards the creations we need. 

Anyone can make a difference.
Just join the group for free.
and be part of the change by looking for people and connecting them to the group.

The idea is to rent a big hall and create a spiritual-event 
The VeganYogaPeople Movement will grow by setting up local events.

In your city/region, you can become an organiser for VeganYogaPeople.

The only thing you need to do is:
- find a location you can get people to gether.
- plan a date to get together to plan the event & - plan an event date.
- find volunteers to help you and make them aware about the VeganYogaPeople goals and cause, 
talk about the Vegan and Yoga lifestyle, / VeganYogaPeople Lifestyle
do a presentation and provide content about the VeganYogaPeople possibilities, 
Connect people to the VeganYogaPeople network, 
Ask people to join the VeganYogaPeople group and the movement

Probably it is best to organise an event or meetup on a Saturday or Sunday.
You can also try to find people to join as volunteers for 1 to 10 hours a weeek, 
Try to create an event that lasts for 2 days, 48 hours or at least a whole day.


The idea is to rent a big hall for a VeganYogaPeople meetup event, 
Planning it for 20 hours of lessons in different rooms,
a 2 days event, 48 hours,...
Probably on Saturday and Sunday
Do you know a great location? A sponsor? Some people to volunteer? 
Sent a whatsapp message to +31622869860 
initiator : Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler

- concept dates  :
20-1-2020 to 22-1-2020 
and/or  20-02-2020 to 22-2-2020

2000 yoga mats??? / 10 suitable rooms,  200 people who can give a lesson of Yoga / talk about Vegan life ?

The idea is to ask people for 10 Euro monthly to support for at least 3 yars,

By creating a campaign for 2000 people ,..
in 2017, 2018 en 2019 ...

Ask people to pay 10 Euro monthly.
during 36 months 10 Euro, or just all at once, 1x 360 Euro. for the participation of a 20 uur Yoga week.

If the  20 hours of yoga can be provided by 1 to 10 teachers it will also be great.
We want you to get the 20 lessons and a valuable experience for this investment.

You can email or in Dutch met tips en een eventueel voorstel of suggesties.
Ook is Whatsappen natuurlijk welkom .. dit kan naar : +31622869860 

Follow the group on facebook / go to the link >> : VeganYogaPeople