Welcome to a little project I've been working on. Below are definitions of 'euroscepticism' that I've gathered from students, academics and others. The aim is to demonstrate the breadth and commonality of such definitions.

A word cloud of all current definitions is available here, to show what words appear most often.

A storify page will be available shortly, to link to any tweeted definitions. Feel free to contribute with the hashtag '#scepsis'.

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  • A position that is critical towards the EU, in whole or in part, expressed through some active form in a number of political arenas, often informed by political ideology
  • The opposition to processes of European integration for economic, social, political or any other reason
  • Lack of trust in European Union institutions and policies
  • A form of rejection and distance for EU politics and policies
  • Criticism about European integration, either for the form it has taken so far, or for the very idea of supranational governance
  • Doubts about European integration as a political project that is viable and constructive
  • Opposition to EU a model of governance, a social model or an economic one, stemming from doubts on the results it can deliver
  • The expression of critical attitudes towards the European project and/or European integration
  • A form of resistance to the EU, sometimes on identity grounds, sometimes on economic grounds, and sometimes on the political level, relating to sovereignty
  • A state of mind caused by poor national policy