Ladislau Szilagyi began to develop software in the '70s, as an author of real-time operating systems. Since then, he worked in almost all the possible roles in a software project: programmer, project manager, architect, business analyst, requirements engineer, tester, test manager. In the last 10 years, Ladislau was involved in training, helping over 2500 Romanian testers to obtain the ISTQB foundation and advanced certification. From 2011, Ladislau has his own training company, EuroQST, providing certification trainings for testers and business analysts. He is an ISTQB advanced certified tester and the first Certified Agile Tester and trainer in Eastern Europe. He is also a Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering and EuroQST is an official IREB/CPRE and RE@Agile training provider. Ladislau is a frequent speaker at testing conferences (SEETEST Sofia 2008 and 2009, SEETEST Bucuresti 2014, Testwarez Krakow 2009, Czech Test 2011, Agile Tour Bucharest 2011) and has published articles in professional testing magazines(Testing Experience, Quality Matters, Core).
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