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Booking your trip

Book Early

If you know you want to go on a trip, get organised early (I know this is harder then it sounds). But if you are able to, you can take advantage of cheaper flights, the best pick of hostels/hotels, and you have plenty of time to find good deals on cheap travel stuff.


See Lots of Travel agents!

Don’t make do wit the first one you go to! Before this trip we visited at least half a dozen different travel agents before we found one who genuinely seemed to care about what we had planned, and wasn’t just trying to get us to buy expensive flights asap.


Do your own flight research:

This ties in with your travel agent. Don’t be fooled into believing the line ‘There are only two seats left, so you really should book NOW!’. As long as you are booking early, there will be plenty of airlines flying on the dates you are looking for.


It is also worth doing your own flight research to minimise connection times, why spend 10 hours of your holiday in an airport waiting for a connecting flight, if there is a better flight leaving earlier?

Event tickets:

Booking tickets to an international event can be a rather daunting task. You are potentially paying large sums of money to a company you hope is legitimate, and then you have to hope the tickets arrive on time.


Formula 1: Monaco GP

Weeks after the 2010 Monaco GP, we started looking for tickets to the 2011 race. We discovered that 2011 tickets are released once the 2010 season has finished. Without wasting any time, we booked the best hostel in Nice for the days we were planning on staying.


Once the 2010 season had finished, we searched the net high and low for reputable ticket vendors. After reading mixed reviews about some of them, we decided it would be safest to book through the official Formula 1 website ( We signed up to receive an email once the Monaco 2011 tickets were released, and the once we were notified, we called the Australian ticket office and bought our tickets!


24 Hours of Le Mans

I am a huge fan of Radio Le Mans ( and I was aware that their travel partner was a British company called Travel Destinations. I thought that this was a pretty safe bet through which to book our tickets. I got in contact with them via their website ( and they were good enough to reserve grandstand tickets directly across from the pits.


Our original plan was to book a hostel in Paris, and catch the train down each morning and back each night. Travel Destinations offer two great options for those travelling to the race, a flexotel or a campsite including pre-erected tent.


We decided on the tent as it is located right next to the Porsche Curves and the atmosphere there is supposed to be fantastic.


I can not recommend the crew at Travel Destinations highly enough.

- Josh