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Fun police enigma

The Jean-Zay Times


A suspicious death in a class of our High School

Mr Board is the physics teacher of the European class. This class is composed of 15 pupils.

On Friday 13th of March 2014, pupils were in the classroom with Mr Board.

- At 6:00 p.m, the bell rang and 12 pupils left the class.

- At 6:10 p.m, 2 pupils after tidying their belongings went out the class.

- At 6:15 p.m, the last people went out after speaking with Mr Board.

- At 6:30 p.m, the lab technician saw no one with Mr Board who was correcting papers.

- During the night, Madam Ofwood saw a black jumper run in front the emergency red light but the lab technician, who was driving outside, saw in front of her white headlight a green jumper running.

What happened ?

Written by Anonymous, 15h Sept 2040, Jean-Zay, France


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The forensic police of Thiers found different clues

 Is it a suicide or a murder ?

What is it ? Could it kill him?

 Was Mr Board an appreciated teacher ?

4 > Finger prints : 
Whose are they ?

5 > Hair : 
Whose are they?

Are they various people or one and the same person ?

But the lab of the forensic police is in full renovation and closed at the moment.

Could you help us to analyze these ?

We could send you these if you are interested !)

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