Here you can find Vocabulary lists, and tips.

Frequency Lists
Top 5000 Memrise (My wife is working on recording authentic European Portuguese pronunciation)

Memrise Lists
Top 5000 (above)

Quizlet Vocabulary Lists
IC - Portuguese - About a dozen lists marked "A1 - Lesson _ (European)"

Anki - Intelligent ordering based on how comfortable you are with a word. Has free desktop version, mobile browser version. iOS app cost money. (Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, Andriod, iOS)

Flashcard Deluxe - One of my favorite apps. You can access their collection of flashcards, or Quizlet or Cram. You can connect DropBox or Google Drive to export or import spreadsheets. You can add pictures, draw pictures, add audio, or have it's text to speech create audio in European Portuguese. (iOS)