European Otter Workshop 2015

Welcome to the next European Otter Workshop, held at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, Sweden 8-11 June 2015.

The theme of the workshop is Otters and human interaction. It is set intentionally broad so all aspects on otter research and conservation can be included, such as otters and traffic, health studies, otters and fish farms, genetics, contaminants, surveying otters, transmitters etc. We will discuss topics related to the study, management and conservation of the European otter (Lutra lutra). Only our imagination sets limits!

Themes that will be covered at the meeting

1. Conflicts between otters and humans: old and new threats (new pollutants, minihydroelectric power stations, traffic, health issues etc)
2. Otter survey in Europe in the XXI century: where we are, where we go
3. Otter and Citizen Science: joining education and research

If you wish to present on another topic please do so with a poster. If we have fewer speakers than expected or there is a last minute cancellation we may be able to include your talk.

We also encourage participants who are currently starting new projects that may only have preliminary data to present their findings. This is a good opportunity to meet and discuss all sorts of otter-related topics with students as well as senior researchers.


The program for the workshop is now finished and you can find it here.

Social events (included in the conference fee)

  • We will have an icebreaker at the Swedish Museum of Natural History Monday 8th of June
  • Tuseday afternoon we plan a Silent Auction. Please do bring items to the auction!
  • One early morning we will (for those who want to) take a birdwatching tour in the beautiful vicinity of the museum.
  • We will arrange shorter visits “behind the scenes” at the museum, for those that are interested. For example a tour of the Environmental Specimen lab and bank. Naturally there will be opportunities to see other parts of the museum upon request (mineral collection, Dept of Zoology, Dept of Botany, Dept of Paleontology, visit the exhibitions and see a film at COSMONOVA). See more at the museum webbpage.
  • Conference dinner on Wednesday evening 10/6 at Skansen zoo. Skansen is  specializing in animals from Sweden. It has also old houses and farmsteads from different parts of Sweden and is beautifully situated in the vicinity of Stockholm. The park is also called an outdoor museum. We will have time to visit the park, and also see the otters and other animals there.

Post conference trip 12-13 June

We plan to have a field trip to the beautiful archipelago after the conference (not included in the conference fee). Here we will have very good chances to see sea eagles and grey seals. More information

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