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1. "They Live in Different Places ... but they both love me"

3. "Bird FamilySong

5. "Feelings and Routines"

7. "Big Feelings" Song


1. "Responding to Different Reactions" - Parent Tip

3. "Adjusting to a New Place" - Parent Tip

5. "A New Bird Family" Parent Tip

Some very loving people have created those wonderful resources for the kids & parents, to understand what divorce means and how to cope with such big change.  Colibri wants to say  "Thank you!" to the Sesame Workshop not-for-profit organization (from USA) for making available those resources.

2. What is Divorce?

4. "Abby's Story

6. "It's not Your Fault" Song

8. What We Are Anthem


2. "Managing Strong Feelings" - Parent Tip

4. "Bonding with New Siblings" - Parent Tip

6.  Interview with the producer

A Conversation About Divorce & Its Impact on Young Children