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Below personalities endorse the importance of improving the legislation and the jurisprudence in relation with the Family Law. Those personalities advocates for the introduction of the rebuttable presumption for joint physical custody in case the parents do not get to a different agreement. Presumptive Equal parenting, states that each parent should have at least 35% of the child’s time, and they should both agree on the remaining 30%.


+ Prof. dr. Linda Nielsen (USA) x
Prof. dr. Laurenţiu Ştefan (RO)
+ Prof. dr. Edward Kruk (USA)
+ Prof. dr. Denise HinesClark University (USA)
+ Prof. dr. Emily DouglasProfessor of Social Work (USA)
Camelia Borlean, Forensic Psychologist, Appeal Court (RO)
+ Dr. Chantal Clot-Grangeat, psychologist & VP ICSP (FR)
+ Martin Widrig, Diplomassistent, Friburg University (CH)
+ Jacques Biolley. Curative pedagogue, CH

Lawyers / Law Professors

+ Prof. dr. Hildegund Suenderhauf, Family Law at Lutheran University of Nurnberg, Chair of ICSP Scientific Committee
+ Drd. Cătălin Oroviceanu (lawyer, RO)

International Council for Shared Parenting

+ Consensus Report 2014 en | fr | de | ro [ngo1916]
+ Consensus Report 2015 en | fr | de | ro [ngo3618]
The endorsers are judges, lawmakers or social science experts with many years of experience in their respective activity field. The endorsers are not part of any of the national organizations which are listed in the Members page and they are not part of Colibri Federation. 
Those endorsers may not agree and definitely did not subscribed to any other statement than the one on the left, unless expressed as such in theirs endorsement letters.


+ Judge Daniela Pantazi (RO)
+ Judge Cristi Danileţ, Superior Council of Magistracy (RO) + Judge dr. Antonio J FialhoJudge, Family & Minors (PT)
Joaquim Manuel Silva, Judge Family & Minors (PT)
+ Judge Juergen Rudolf (DE)

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