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Colibri is a pan-European federation of associations devoted to promoting the fundamental rights of children and parents after divorce or separation. Colibri was born out of our express desire to work together for producing shareable results and herald positive and desirable social growth across Europe.

Our mission is to bring humanity and respect to the confrontations faced by separating families, while demonstrating care and consideration for all parties involved. The international dimensions of those confrontations and the negative effects for the children across Europe, call for an coordinated response and for creating the sense of urgency which, to date, has been insufficiently achieved by individual countries.

We will support the social evolution of the European countries by:
- protecting the concept of “childhood”, by giving new vigor and dignity to the relations among the natural parents and their children,
- redefining the values which guide the specialists who assist families during the separation or divorce proceedings (judges, lawyers, mediators, psychologists, child protection experts).
- imposing the rebuttable presumption for joint physical custody in the legislation of the European states

We believe that by joining the forces, we will be able to find solutions to the key issues generated by the 'divorce with children': 
(1) the exercise of the 'parental responsibility' and 
(2) the right sizing of the 'contact time' for children.with the significant people in their life. 

Colibri will approach these matters on an ‘interactive’ basis by sharing the best practices and by coordinating the actions among the members of the association. 

Our strategy is to incrementally adjust and modify the national legislation and the jurisprudence in the European countries. This will be achieved by each national organization working inside their national boundaries with their respective national authorities, 

Colibri will have an overview of the situation inside each individual country of Europe. So, Colibri is best placed to open up a dialogue with European policy makers: European Commission & European Parliament. Thus, we will open this dialogue because we believe that it is no longer possible to confront the phenomenon of separated families and the difficulties they face purely on national basis.