The European Union is an exciting place to be doing both applied and theoretical work on a variety of themes linked to political ecology, "sustainability", alternative energy, environmental movements, agricultural systems, forestry, conservation, water issues and climate change issues, among other things. Europe claims to lead the world in many of its environmental policies. As Europe accepts new member states on its eastern borders, and takes on an important role extending foreign assistance to other Mediterranean countries to support environmental sustainability, its sphere of impact on culture & environment is increasingly salient.

Our informal Network currently includes anthropologists across North America and Europe, and a few other places besides. We would like to see more events and publications come together around relevant themes, and to build relationships between AAA members and members of CES, EASA, ASA and other European associations of relevance to environmental anthropology. We are in the process of building our Network.

Discussion Network: http://groups.google.com/group/europeanists