International HDMI PlugFest 2018 in Europe
from Monday September 24th to Friday September 28th 2018
Caen, Normandy, France

Welcome to the International HDMI PlugFest in Europe website.
The European ATC (owned by Presto Engineering) is pleased to organize an European HDMI PlugFest, a technical event allowing companies to test the interoperability of their HDMI products with those of other participating companies.

European HDMI PlugFest will take place in Caen, Normandy, FRANCE, at Presto Engineering facilities from September 24th to September 28th.

Any Worldwide HDMI manufacturer are invited to participate.

To attend this event, companies must have prototype or production level product(s) available for interoperability testing, and must agree to test their products with any product provided by other participants.

Teams will be able to focus on interoperability related to:

    Any HDMI 2.1 features (Dynamic HDR / 8k60Hz / 8k50Hz / 4k100Hz / 4k120Hz / eARC / Game mode VRR...)

    Any HDMI 2.0b features (UHD / HDR / BT2020 / YCbCr420 / 2.0 CEC / 3D audio...).   

    Any HDMI 1.4b features (video/audio, 3D, 4Kx2K, CEC, ARC, HEC, …).

    HDCP protocol (1.4 / 2.2)

During the event the Source teams are required to encounter Sink Team and Repeater team to make interoperability test. The goal is to reproduce real use case that may happen in the end user home when connecting HDMI products together. 

If interoperability issues are seen, teams can try to find the root cause of the issue since engineer that have worked on HDMI HW or SW of the product  are attending the event.

This kind of event is aiming to avoid field returns due to HDMI interoperability issue. So SW / HW of the product may be improved before mass production and distribution of the products.

Please note, even if the European ATC is organizing this event, it is not a compliance event and the main goal is to check interoperability between equipments.

In parallel of this event, the European ATC will offer informative HDCP compliancy tests to interested teams.

Confidentiality of the tested product will be kept thanks to a Non Disclosure Agreement signed by every attending companies.

Below you can find some information about the 2017 plugfest event:

The “HDMI Plugfest 2017 in Europe” happened between the 25th and 29th of September in Presto Caen site located in France. This worldwide event gathered 50 persons of well-known top worldwide electronic companies involved in HDMI standard such as consumer products manufacturers, HDMI IC designers and HDMI test equipment makers to check the interoperability of all HDMI branded products before their launch on the market. Why in France and in Caen? Because HDMI ATC (Authorized Test Center) is the unique European lab delivering the certification of HDMI products, tests required for releasing a product to the end-customer. It is also because the Presto engineering HDMI ATC expertise is largely recognized. At the end, a great & intensive week for all the participants who left on Friday with a large smile on their face … letting some great feedbacks about the HDMI Presto ATC expertise and on the organization such as “The testing slots were well done and efficient - Etienne did a great job – thank you” but also on the way hosts have been welcomed “Excellent reception and food” or “Very well organized, congratulations”.

Last but not least, from a very oriented technical event, the success came from knowledge exchanges between participants that have been really appreciated by all, improving overall knowledge about HDMI standards and its related ecosystem.

For any issue or request please email us at: euro.hdmi.plugfest@gmail.com