European Landmarks is a web site
created under the umbrella of the Comenius Project (European Union,  National Agencies, Lifelong Learning Programme)

High Schools from eight different European countries work together for two years and undertake the project of analysing the importance of special events and/by creating artistic representations of National and European Landmarks with their students: France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Spain-The Basque Country, Turkey.

Our project for the present school year is entitled: 

"Our Identity: National and European? 
-A Research of National and European Landmarks."

In this first year, the students explore each nation's landmarks, collect information, exchange and share both information and experiences to become aware of the significance of such celebrations and differences. 

Our students will work in small international groups via internet and we will hold bilateral and trilateral meetings in which the participants will present their own productions in digital and print media.

In order to accomplish this project, teachers from the eight countries meet in Bergen (Norway) to organize the working teams, agree on dates and places and  prepare the activities the students will carry out during this first year.