European roe deer is a very well studied species, because of its crucial role in European ecosystems and because it is a very good model species, both for ecological and evolutionary reasons. However, the time might have come for synthesising our knowledge into a wider and more complex picture, that would allow to clarify ecosystemic relationships (e.g., resource balance), reveal evolutionary patterns (e.g., animal performance), and underpin predictions on future scenarios (e.g., climate change effect).
Recent technological advancement, such as GPS collars and activity sensors, allowed to obtain more data and of better quality. However, existing tools and procedures of analysis may under-exploit the potential of those data. Everybody agreed that a spatial database populated with data from different areas would strongly support the attempt to develop a complete picture of roe deer biology, within a ecological and evolutionary context. At the same time, it would offer the opportunity to join the data of different research groups into a well supported repository, with transparent accessibility.

These are the premises that brought us to develop the EUropean ROe DEER Information System (EURODEER). It is an open project to support a collaborative process of data sharing to produce better science. It is based on a spatial database that stores shared movement data on roe deer to investigate variation in roe deer behavioural ecology along environmental gradients or population responses to specific conditions, such as habitat changes, impact of human activities, different hunting regimes. EURODEER group is trying to fully explore the opportunities given by the new monitoring technologies for conservation and management at both local and continental scale. The spatial database, built upon open source software (PostgreSQL + PostGIS+R) and hosted at Fondazione Edmund Mach, can be connected to a large set of client applications (GIS, web interfaces, statistics) to help storing, managing, accessing and analysing GPS data from several research groups throughout Europe.

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