EUROCALL 2013 - University of Évora, Portugal

20 years of EUROCALL:                                                                    
Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

ÉVORA, Portugal
11th  to 14th September 2013

The venue is the beautiful historic city of Évora, a UNESCO World Humanity heritage site.
The scholars of Évora University are looking forward to meeting you in our charming buildings, which are covered by old "azulejos" (white and blue tiles).

The conference will take place in the Main Building of the University, Colégio do Espírito Santo, and will be hosted by the School of Social Sciences.

Areas covered during the conference:
  • Recent developments in mobile learning
  • Language learning in virtual environments
  • Synchronous communication in language learning
  • European Language Portfolio, self assessment and ICT
  • Challenges of e-learning: the role of the institution
  • E-learning: student expectations and experience
  • Successes of e-learning through the eyes of the student
  • The use of new technologies for language teaching in schools
  • Promoting the use of new technologies amongst language teaching professionals
  • Developments in the pedagogy of online learning
  • Corpora and language learning
  • Courseware design
  • Cross-sector collaboration through e-learning
  • Supporting less widely taught languages through CALL
  • Improving intercultural competence through language learning
  • Managing multimedia environments
  • Distance and collaborative learning
  • Self access and learner autonomy

In addition to Évora's reputation for academic excellence, the city offers an outstanding beauty, embraced by its fortress walls, filled historic memories in each street, each home, each inhabitant... Its squares and monuments tell us national history, religion and culture episodes and its townsfolk are proud of both past and present times.

We look forward very much to welcoming you to the University of Évora.

Local organising committee:

Maria João Marçalo
Ana Alexandra Silva
Fernando Gomes

Department of Linguistics and Literatures, Research Centre "Centro de Estudos em Letras" - CEL-UÉ
School of Social Sciences
University of Évora, Portugal

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