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Castes: the Juniors

Let's move up a bit in the EB social classification and discover a new group of people. They are below 35, they have real jobs, they think that Plux is so 5 years ago -but still go once a month.
They are The Juniors
Just as for the Stagiaires, you can meet two kind of Juniors in Brussels: the Randoms and the EUI (EU Institution in case you didn't read the last post).
Let's focus on the first group for now by meeting one of their members.

LEVEL 3- Random Juniors
Elena is a 30 years old bubbly Italian girl with dark eyes and a frank smile. She has been working for two years as a Strategic Advisor at the European Association for the Defense of Polar Bears (EADPB). I know what you are about to say but just keep in mind that everything you can ever think of can be advocated, protected or at least represented in the Eurobubble.
For instance, in order to get this job at EDBPA EPDBA EAPDB ... oh, who cares, Elena applied for about 20 other jobs in 20 different fields for 20 different companies, each starting with the words European+Association/Federation/Organization -except for the Consultancies, such as:
-European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EOEMS)
-European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE)
-European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (EFNOWH)
-European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA)
- Fatman & Poudlard (F&P)

Explaining successively how she had always dreamt of:
Exploiting Meteorological Satellites/Working in Education/ Protecting Homeless/ Protecting Polar Bears/ Being a heartless lobbyist/ Improving Parkinson’s disease research/ etc.

After being selected among the 400 people who applied, she had to go through an additional selection procedure consisting in a live simulation of her future tasks.

Finally she got the privilege of being interviewed by the Chief of the Polar Bear Protectors in Brussels. His name was Thor. She thought that was cool. Then she learnt that her salary would be about 500 euros more than what she earned as a stagiaire. She thought that was not cool.
So she remembered all those times when she was invited at her friend Svetlana’s place and ate this terrible cake she hated but still said was good, she put on her brightest smile and said 1500 euros net would be perfect.
After two years now her salary has been raised and she lives comfortably, realizing how privileged she is to work for a socially respectable cause and not for some mean pharmaceutical lobby.
So not only can she feel useful to the planet by defending the cause of an animal everyone loves watching on National Geographic documentaries but she can also go to the gym and travel regularly for personal and professional reasons.
During the day, Elena works hard, get every information she can about polar bears as in the Bubble information is everything, run many conference calls with important people all around the world, goes very often at the polar bear Committee of the European Parliament (EP), an important place where decisions are taken, attends various events related to polar bears in the many, many Eurobubble think tanks and then draft reports which will help change a couple of key words on the next EP resolution on polar bears (they call it green/yellow/pink/orange with blue points paper but we will just skip this part).

During parties, Elena loves to dance but actually doesn’t dance that much as people seem to prefer talking about political stuff or their recent trips to wherever or about how they like to dance.

At home she lectures her boyfriend Thomas on Global Warming as he works for Partial, an evil oil and gas group.
Honey she says it is not good today no one cares about the planet the Durban Summit drove me sick and now the poorlar bears get less and less ice to live on and they drown and it’s terrible check out this documentary we just produced Thor did an awesome job look at this little cub playing with his mummy isn’t he adorable and yes so cute indeed says Thomas while drafting his next report but you know we gas people are not as evil as people say honey and she hesitates but remembers her age and thinks that having a polar bear in her bed doesn’t turn her on that much and won’t get her any kids so she buries it, feels the nice leather couch they just bought, thinks about her next trip to Malaga to visit her friend Carolina from Erasmus in Finland, closes her beautiful dark eyes and smiles.


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