Who said we lived in Brussels?

Ethan Hunt gets a new mission. 


If you tell people that the Eurobubble is almost as exotic as some Oriental country, they might give you a suspicious look. But it is actually. In its social structure, the Eurobubble follows the very model of some Asian societies, based on Castes. Let's meet a member of each of theses castes, starting at the very bottom of the system, with the Stagiaires.

Conferences -Part 1
So you reach the entrance of the conference where you find a young person, probably an underpaid stagiaire (when they are lucky, most of the time they are just unpaid), still naive enough to think (s)he can get a job after the internship so extremely helpful in every sense.

Conferences -Part 2
That’s it you got your question ready! 
So now all you have to do is raise your hand and speak. In front of everyone
And this is when the Question Syndrome suddenly hits: your heart starts beating faster, you start blushing, sweating like crazy, all of this because of a question 
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Conferences -Part 3
Now you have to talk to someone.  But you don't know anyone.
So you start using a certain number of techniques that you think will dissimulate your loneliness but that in fact automatically identify you as a Loner


Salsa in the Eurobubble is not the same as in traditional places such as Cuba or Coca Cola commercials, where it happens randomly in the street with old and young hot people happily mixing. Things are slightly different here.


Erasmus - Eurobubble: same players play again
When I was young, I wanted to go international, discover new horizons, speak English in non English speaking countries and get drunk listening to Daft Punk's  Aerodynamic with cool-and-educated foreigners with whom I would share an eternal friendship. So I became an Erasmus student and fulfilled my dream.

Team Meeting
If you ever worked in the Eurobubble or even just in any office, you obviously went through this exciting and indispensable moment of the office life: the TEAM MEETING.

24 heures dans la vie d'un eurobulleur.

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