About Euriol

TIME PERIOD: Early 14th Century Lowland Scot

PERSONA BIO: Euriol is the daughter of one of the ladies in waiting to Elizabeth de Burgh (Queen Consort to Robert the Bruce). Much to her mother's chagrin, Euriol often sneaked into the kitchen to help with the cooking, but she was educated enough to appreciate the fine art of embroidery. As a young woman she enjoyed travelling with the court (and still would often sneak into the kitchens to learn what she could from the Master cooks she met in her travels). She was wedded for a while, and from this union she gave birth to two sons Ian and Stefanus. She is very proud as a mother as she witnesses her two sons growing into fine men. Her eldest son, Ian, often sneaks his way into the kitchens with or without her.

SCADIAN LIFE: I first joined the SCA in A.S. XXIV in the Province of Southern Shores (Fall 1989 in San Jose, California). I lived and played in the same area for the next 15 years, having served a variety of offices within Province of Southern Shores, Shire of Ecorngill, Principality of the Mists and Kingdom of the West. I also was the head cook for many events over these years. I even managed to autocrat and co-autocrat a few events as well. I raised my children within the SCA, taking them to events within the first few months after they were born. In October A.S. XXXIX I moved from the West Kingdom to the Barony of Endless Hills in the Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc. In late 2010, I found myself living part-time in the Shire of Sylvan Glen. I continue to try to find ways to be of service and sneak my way into the kitchens.

ACTIVITIES/INTERESTS: Cooking, Needlework, Sewing, Running Lists , Dancing, Arts & Sciences in general. I have always loved cooking, since I was a little girl, and the joy of cooking found its place in the SCA by researching and cooking medieval food. My goal is to educate people more about medieval food and that it is not all strange and odd tasting. I enjoy cooking feasts and teaching classes. Over the years I've been the head cook for many feasts and have explored cuisine for English, French, German, Andalusian, Catalan, Italian and Roman. I have a website dedicated to my Culinary Journey called Euriol's Medieval Cuisine.

DEVICE: Vert, on a bend sinister doubly cotised argent three mullets vert.


Award Date Given by Group
Pelican October 16, AS XXXIX (2004) Jade & Eliana Kingdom of the West
Laurel January 8, AS XLV (2011) Duncan & Ilish Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Fleur d'Æthelmearc August 18, AS XLI (2006) Malcolm & Tessa Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Award of Arms June 27, AS XXVII (1992) Alfred & Tyne Principality of the Mists
Leaf of Merit April 10, AS XXVIII (1994) Michael & Wander Principality of the Mists
Rose Leaf January 2, AS XXXIII (1999) Jade & Siobhan Kingdom of the West
Wooden Spoon March 21, AS XXXII (1998) Fabian & Brynn Kingdom of the West
Wooden Spoon June 21, AS XXXIII (1998) Hauoc & Etaine Kingdom of the West
Defender of the West August 17, AS XXXV (2000)  Jade & Siobhan Kingdom of the West
Wooden Spoon August 26, AS XXXVI (2001) Hauoc & Ginevra Kingdom of the West
Copper Spoon January 26, AS XXXVI (2002) Gemini & Mari Principality of Cynagua
Silver Spoon April 6, AS XXXVI (2002) Richard & Elisabeth Principality of the Mists
Princess' Favor May 11, AS XXXVII (2002) Elisabeth Principality of the Mists
Queen's Treasure August 23, AS XXXVIII (2003) Constantina Kingdom of the West
 Golden Acorn January 3, AS XXXVIII (2004) Ragnar & Sciath Kingdom of the West
Queen's Treasure August 28, AS XXXIX (2004) Kaaren Kingdom of the West
Sigil of Æthelmearc September 9, AS XLV (2010) Malcolm & Tessa Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Sigil of Æthelmearc September 17, AS XLVI (2011) Christopher & Morgan Kingdom of Æthelmearc
 Cornelian January 7, AS XLVI (2012)
Isenwulf & Rosalinda
Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Sigil of Æthelmearc September 15, AS XLVIII (2012) Andreas & Kallista Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Corolla Aulica December 7, AS XXI (1996) Leon & Kiriana Principality of the Mists
Zule June 14, AS XLIII (2008) Ulrich Barony of Endless Hills
Golden Lamp November 7, AS XLIV(2009) Gunnarr & Barbary Rose Barony of Endless Hills

In the Modern Era, I am known as Cassandra Baldassano.