"Identity" Ecosystem, an Essay

Many talk of the Identity Ecosystem as being the simple act of Identification. Whereas to be of any value. the "Identity" Ecosystem has to be much more, hence the quotation marks. "Identity" is the label for IdEA, which is the acronym for Identity, Entitlement and Access Management, which in turn is the shorthand for the activities involved in the Identification, Authentication, and Classification of Principals and Resources, followed by the Appropriate Management of Risk, and Trust achieved through the effective Management of Entitlement and Access in transactions involving the internet.

Some Posits:-
It is critical that all the elements involved in a transaction supported by the "Identity" Ecosystem are appropriately Identified
Thus not just the People involved, but also the Resources, Devices, Code, Services etc.

All the ceremonies must be enumerated and supported in a successful "Identity" ecosystem. In the physical world it is often fine to rely on the "common sense" and enlightened self interest of human participants, this is patently not the case in the virtual or e-world. Computers have not yet achieved the capability of enlightened self interest and which in itself is unlikely to be a positive result for humanity! (See Terminator!)

So let us start to enumerate the key elements involved

1) The Identity Use Cases should be identified, that is to say the types of transactions to be supported by an IdEA
2) The Principal(s) in a transaction