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Please help us create a common language for our use
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Entity A person, device, organisation, application, service or data. AFS 
Principal The entity that wants access to another entity (organisation, device, service, data, or individual) AFS 
Persona A specific aspect or set of aspects of an entities Identity. It would likely be made up of an Identifier and a limited set of attributes. AFS 
Relying Party A Web site or other entity on the Internet that uses an identity provider to authenticate a user who wants to log in (to gain access to a resource),2542,t=relying+party&i=59165,00.asp 
Affordance Affordance has so many meanings and shades of meaning that the word itself may be said to lack "affordance" because its use "affords" the user nothing if its meaning is not equally and identically understood by the audience. Conclusion of SH on reading the Wikipaedia definition 
Resource Owner See Relying Party  
Attribute A piece of information related to an entity (SH addition) ... that is capable of independent (electronic) verification by a Relying Party or Identity Service Provider AFS 
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