The Eureka Fair Compensation Act
Help for Eureka's Working Poor



Notice is hereby given by the persons whose names appear hereon of their intention to circulate the petition within the City of Eureka for the purpose of adding Chapter 123 to Title XI of the Eureka Municipal Code. A statement of the reasons of the proposed action as contemplated in the petition is as follows:

If adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage of 1995 would now be over $10.00 per hour. The people of Eureka have the right to set a higher standard and recognize the value of labor in our community, especially in the face of insufficient action by career politicians in Sacramento and Washington.


This minimum wage increase encourages more people to enter gainful employment, which reduces demands upon local social service agencies and saves taxpayer money. Raising the minimum wage will make small, local businesses more competitive with big box retailers.


Minimum wage earners shop local! Increasing their pay increases the prosperity of local businesses as well as sales tax revenue. Minimum wage earners spend nearly all of their income, making these dollars immediately circulate in the local economy, which means more successful businesses and more jobs for Eureka.


The Eureka Fair Compensation Act will mandate that our minimum wage workers share in a small way in the community's prosperity. This will encourage young families to stay in Eureka and stop the decline of our student population and schools.


People who work full-time should not live in poverty. This ordinance will ensure working families the dignity they have earned through their labor.


The TEXT of the Act.

El Acto de Compensacion Justa en Eureka

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