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Discovery Walks are offered on the fourth Saturday of each month at 9:30am within the City of Eureka. Discover walking as a fun and easy way to learn about Eureka. 
All Discovery Walks are FREE and OPEN to the public. We meet at 9:30am, unless otherwise noted, and most walks are three miles or less, and take one and a half to two hours. This early start to your day still gives you plenty of time to do other things. Discovery Walks introduce or highlight some special aspect or feature of Eureka, or have a special theme or subject focus.  Everything looks different when you walk instead of drive! You notice and appreciate things that you never did before while zooming by. Slow down, enjoy the company of others, stop and talk and think about things a little bit. Share what you know and learn what others know.

Children should be accompanied by an adult, and strollers are recommended for small children.  Wheelchair-enabled welcome, although some routes are less accessible than others. Please call voicemail message (707-443-4586) or email discoverywalks95501@gmail.com if you have any concerns about the route. 
City ordinance requires dogs must be on leash.

Check out the pages of previous walks, pictures of the walkers, and announcements of future walks. Get to know your city - Discover Eureka!


DWs under the 101 bridge

DWs view an historic home, restored and in excellent condition

DWs view an historic home in poor condition

DWs view a treehouse across the street