General Information

25-28 May 2011

Welcome to the website of the EUREF symposium 2011 . EUREF is the IAG Reference Frame sub-commission for Europe, integrated in the sub-commission of Regional Reference Frames. The EUREF sub-commission was founded in 1987.

EUREF is a non-profit organization whose main objectives are the definition, realisation and maintenance of the European reference systems ETRS89 (European Terrestrial Reference System) and EVRS (European Vertical Reference System).

Besides the scientific aspects covered by EUREF, the work of this sub-commission, is strongly related with the INSPIRE initiative  of the European Commission, since the systems defined and maintained by EUREF are the basis for data exchange within the INSPIRE framework.

The EUREF symposium is hold annually in the form of a forum where the EUREF activities are discussed and resolutions are taken.