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Comparison Prixtel vs Zero Package (France)

posted 4 Aug 2010, 01:21 by Ramy Caspi

Zero Package VS Logo Prixtel

Here is a comparison between the alternative operator MVNO Zero Package Prixtel Mobile:

Zero Mobile PackageChrono Prixtel Offer
Fees€ 9.50 for the SIMFree 
Offer valid until August 31, 2010 
France calls Rates€ 0.19 per minute, per second billing from the first second€ 0.12 per minute, per second billing from the first second

SMS France> France

SMS France> Europe

SMS Europe> Europe

€ 0.10

€ 0.13

€ 0.13

€ 0.10

€ 0.13

€ 0.13

MMS Text

Other MMS

€ 0.10

€ 0.25

€ 0.10

€ 0.30

Answering machineFreeFree
Threshold to consume (Payment)Post Paid € 15 per quarter minimum consumptionPostpaid 
€ 1.50 per month cost of access to service 

Services includedCall Waiting, Caller ID

See the list of service options Zero Package.

Call Waiting, Caller ID
Mobile InternetFree activation 
Price Communications DATA (mobile Internet)€ 0.49 per MB consumed (billed in increments of 10 KB or € 0.0049)€ 0.20 per MB consumed (billed in increments of 10 kb or € 0.0020)

Option time L, XL, XXL Zero Package 
SMS option L, XL, XXL Zero Package 
Internet Option L, XL, XXL Zero Package . 
Maghreb Zero Option Package .

These options are optional and cancelable at any time for free.

Alert pay to eat: Zero package warns you 10 days and 3 days before if you do not consume the minimum € 15 per quarter, Zero package indicates that it is better to consume if the euro will be lost. 
This option is enabled by default.

Option of automatic protection of the line: If you do not consume 15 € for the quarter, Zero package keeps your line anyway. 
This option is free to ask our customer service department.

In Prixtel , you can keep your phone number a year from the issuance of your last call. € 12 or 18 months to ensure the conservation of number.

Unlimited SMS Package: 10 € / month, send as many SMS as you want every day 24/24 to mobiles and landlines in France, in the corresponding limit of 99 separate monthly.

Mobile Internet Packages: To access the Internet on the go, receive and answer e-mails in real time from your mobile:

  • 150MB: 10 € TTC / month
  • 500MB: € 20 / month
  • Beyond: 0,20 € / MB (KB to count) 
    These options can be added or removed at any time without charge.

    Calls Visio France ==> Europe€ 0.60 
    (Billed per second from the first second)
    € 1.17 
    (Billing by the minute indivisible)
    Calls Visio France ==> France€ 0.50 
    (Billed per second from the first second)
    € 0.50 
    (Billed per second after the first minute)
    France => Europe€ 0.39 
    (Billed per second from the first second)
    € 0.44 
    (Billed per minute indivisible)
    France => World€ 1.49 
    (Billed per second from the first second)
    € 0.97 
    (Billed per minute indivisible)
    Europe => Europe€ 0.47 
    (Billed per second after the first 30 seconds indivisible)
    € 0.47 
    (Billed per second after the first 30 seconds indivisible)
    Reception in Europe€ 0.18 
    (Billed per second from the first second)
    € 0.18 
    (Billed per second from the first second)
    World Front€ 1.40 
    (Billed per minute indivisible)
    € 0.69 
    (Billed per minute indivisible)

    Comparison mobile operator MVNO Prixtel Zero Package at August 4, 2010


  • The MVNO seems Prixtel position in the mobile market with its low cost offers Chrono. The offering provides a low cost price of 0.12 € per minute billed by the second unbeatable but not talking too fast. The special offer in Chrono Prixtel lies in the billing cost of access to service 1,50 € per month. You pay this amount even if you eat nothing, of course, your mobile number is kept for one year after the last call you but you must still pay the 1.50 € per month until the end of the year to continue to receive your calls or 18 € per year. The sim card is free Prixtel while the MVNO Zero Package offers the € 9.50. Zero-time package offers options, SMS and Internet L, XL, XXL with a well-defined quotas. Prixtel stands out thanks to an offer unlimited SMS for 10 € but limited to 99 correspondents, while Zeroforfait offers 3000 SMS 9.90 €. Indeed, 3000 represents 100 SMS text messages per day is a formula in fact unlimited. The unlimited supply of Prixtel does not interfere with the ZF although some are still attracted by the unlimited plans. Prixtel mobile Internet offers an option to 10 € for 150 MB to over € 4.90 you have 300 MB Package at Zero, the price seems more expensive megabyte in Prixtel. For 20 €, you have 500 MB in Prixtel € 4.90 while for more you have double among Zeroforfait is a go. Beyond the mobile Internet package, Prixtel charges € 0.20 per megabyte while Zero Invoice Package € 0.49 per MB is more than double. This comparison is based on formulas to counter two mobile operators MVNOs coupled or not with options packages.
  • In Prixtel, calls to become cheaper than counter Zero Package in excess of 21 minutes and 42 seconds, the calculation: (0.12 € x 21.7) + 1.5 = € 4.104 €, for Zero Package: 0 € 19 x 21.7 = € 4.123. Offer Prixtel is a little cheaper than if you use Zero Package between 21.7 minutes and 28 minutes.Zero Package offers an option to 4.90 € 30 minutes while with Prixtel you pay € 5.10. If you call one hour in the month Prixtel, you actually pay € 7.20 + 1.50 or € 8.70 € 0.20 € Zero Package of months. This gap widens in favor of Zero package, since the replacement time of 2 hours ZF is proposed to 14.90 €, while the Prixtel offers € 15.90, then Zero package far outweighs the time above options . Prixtel does not suggest options to spend less time to the minute as a mobile plan, therefore it is rapidly catching up.
  • Mobile internet (DATA), if one takes into account the 1.5 € access fees per month, Prixtel is cheaper after 5.17 MB consumed is € 2.534. Beyond 40 mo consumed, it is cheaper to subscribe to the offer because Prixtel Zero Package offers a rate of 9.90 € low cost through the Internet option L 100 mo. Offer DATA Prixtel is really designed for very small consumers of mobile Internet, they represent a very small percentage.
  • The cost of accessing the service Prixtel may interest some, especially small consumers who want a valid number in receiving calls and pay their bill at the end of the month. Offer Chrono Prixtel is designed for small consumers who love postpaid.
  • The prepaid card Simyo is still more advantageous for this kind of consumer, since for 20 € a year, the operator MVNO Simyo offers 105 minutes of talk of France and France towards the bonus Simyo Simyo to numbers. You have an initial period of three months to consummate the automatic top 10 €, 4 months free incoming calls, and again at 3 months of your future charging € 10 and 4 months free incoming calls (to after the last call charge). In Prixtel for 18 euros a year, you have a valid phone number or receive calls without any communication included.
  • Everyone there will be something between the two mobile offers MVNOs, however, do pay attention to deceptive appearances. Your comments are welcome. 
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