2010 predictions - Tom Alexander, Orange UK, CEO

2010 predictions - Tom Alexander, Orange UK,     CEO - Mobile news

'I truly believe we're on the edge of the next evolutionary step in telecoms'

2009 was a great year for Orange, and 2010 is set to be even more exciting - not least because of the potential of our proposed joint venture with T-Mobile in the UK. I truly believe we're on the edge of the next evolutionary step in telecoms, with the mainstream consumer adoption of the traditional smartphone helping to fuel this. Next year, we'll see even more of these devices to suit all budgets, and it won't just be mobile handsets - e-readers and tablets will also be more widespread, providing customers with an even richer multimedia experience. Alongside these devices will be more opportunities for customers to access the content they want, with a greater range of apps across even more mobile platforms. 

I also expect advertising-funded technology and services to play a big part. We will be providing our customers with great brand offers, benefits and promotions that are not only timely, but highly relevant to them by including advertising funded services in some of our mobile propositions. Improving customer experience will be at the heart of everything we do, and I believe the introduction of HD Voice on our mobile network will facilitate a large step change in the quality that consumers can expect from their phone calls. We will also continue to work with partners such as Barclaycard to further develop contactless payments. 

These technology developments must not be at the expense of improving service - we will be focusing on quality and reducing return rates on devices across manufacturers. We must also take advantage of new and exciting ways to offer our products and services to customers, continuing to trial different store formats with the aim of identifying the best and most successful ways of serving the personal requirements of our diverse customer base. 

Combining these developments with the prospect of our joint venture with T-Mobile means that UK consumers are set for an exciting and innovative 2010.