Welcome to our European Teacher Training courses. The courses are funded by the European Commission and most of the costs are paid via European funding for the participants. You have to apply through your National Socrates / LLP Agency for a place. Funding is not guaranteed and depending on the amount of applicants from your country. There are national deadlines for application which need to be followed. Mail us directly if you have further questions about the course.

Our next courses for 2013 are listed below.

Video and Communication - Media Education across the Curriculum:  27.-31.05.2013
Video Production and Web 2.0: 21.-25.10.2013 (info)
Crealle - Creativity and Language Learning: 13.-19.10.2013 (info)

Please note: these courses are not for applicants from Germany according to the rules of the EU LLP programme.

You can find here a list of all National Agencies in Europe.

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