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Studying in Europe:
The Erasmus Mundus program was created in 2003, it is a program under which nationals of non European Union countries can get scholarships to study in Europe.

The literal translation of the Latin phrase 'Erasmus Mundus'  in English is 'Erasmus World'. You will only understand this phrase when you know that the 'Erasmus' program, is an educational grant funding program for European nationals, therefore the 'Erasmus Mundus' program is the international version of the Erasmus Program. The phrase is kinda hard to understand its meaning the first time you hear it, but its pretty descriptive if you are familiar with European education, it also gives some historic depth, since the word Erasmus is actually a name of a Dutch scholar who lived in the 15th century,and who started the idea of offering educational grants. 

you can read more about Erasmus Mundus on Wikipedia: 

Comparison between European and the United States Educational Systems:
From my personal experience of the European educational system I can point out the following differences compared to the American educational system:

1. No text books: the universities in Europe usually teach in local languages,  hence the students are not required to get tex books to attend the class. In other words, you just study from the class notes and power point presentations in the class. although you might say this would save you lot of money that would otherwise go for book costs, a disadvantage of this system,is that you might end up having a shallow understanding of the subject,it is scientifically proven that an  average student can not memorize and/or comprehend more than 40% of lectures given to them.

2. Regulations regarding student and academic responsibilities and rights are less strict in Europe.  This atmosphere actually develops a much more friendlier environment among university students and personnel than in the United States.  For example in the university where I studied in France, during the orientation day of the freshmen students, the university's student association, which was organizing the orientation day, gathered the Freshmen students for a group picture in front of  a building,while the students were posing for the camera, they were surprised with water pouring at them from above. Causing laughter in that place.  If this incident occured in a university in the United States, the student association might have been subjected to disciplinary actions. On the other hand, an orientation day in a typical US university includes a power point presentation of the student responsibilities and rights. 

3. There is a more responsibility on the instructor and the institution in European universities than in the US: The level of beauroucracy in European educational institutions is less than in the U.S. For example, if you borrow a book and exceed the limit on the return date, you would most likely not be fined in a European university, an instructor in European universities will try to makesure that all students including absent ones are aware of an announcement madeby him/her. On the other hand, you would certainly be fined if you failto return a book to the library on time, or if you are late on payment of tuition fees in a US university.

By Khalid H. Tantawi