Week Paper Authors Presenter Discussant Material
24/11/11 A theory of liquidity and regulation of financial intermediation Farhi, Golossov, Tsyvinski Josef Schroth Antoine Camous
01/12/11 Do house price drive consumption growth Attanasio, Leicester, Wakefield Lena Tonzer Tommaso Oliviero HERE
08/12/11 Hayashi meets Kiyotaki and Moore: A Theory of capital adjustment costs Pengfei Wang and Yi Wen Immo Schott  Arzu Uluc  HERE
15/12/11 Decentralization, Communication, and the Origins of Fluctuations Angeletos and La O Andrew Gimber Kirill Shaknov  HERE
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01/12/12 Bubbles and self enforcing debt Hellwig and Lorenzoni Anna Gibert Clodomiro Ferreira  HERE
01/19/12 Lack of commitment and the level of debt Debortoli and Nunes Maren Froemel Wojciech Paczos  HERE
01/27/12 Bailouts and financial fragility Keister Antoine Camous Joachim Jungherr  HERE
02/03/12 Finance and dvp: a tale of two sectors Buera, Kaboski and Shin Carlos Nogueira Lena Tonzer  HERE
02/10/12 Financial market and unemployment Monacelli, Quadrini adn Trigari Yuliya Rychalovska Jan Hannes Lang  HERE
02/17/12 Intergenerational redistribution in the great recession Glover, Heathcote, Krueger and Rios-Rull Tommaso Oliviero Rodrigo Ceni Gonzales  HERE
02/24/12 Financial crisis, bank risk exposure and government financial policy

Gertler, Kiyotaki and Queralto

Romanos Priftis

Moritz Helm

03/02/12 Pegs and pain Schmitt-Grohe and Uribe Wojciech Paczos Ida Maria Hjortso  HERE
03/09/12 Information aggregation, investment and managerial incentives Albagli, Hellwig, Tsynvinski Joachim Jungherr Jeanine Baumert  HERE
03/16/12 The contribution of large and small employers to job creation Moscarini and Postel-Vinay Rodrigo Ceni Gonzales Carlos Nogueira  HERE

03/30/12 Rare Disasters and Exchange Rate
Farhi, Gabaix
Marek Raczko Romanos Priftis  HERE

04/20/12 Firm heterogeneity, endogenous entry and the business cycle Ottaviano Moritz Helm Marek Raczko  HERE
04/27/12 Why does bad news increase volatility and decrease leverage Fostel Geanokoplos
Jan Hannes Lang
Yuliya Rychalovska  HERE
05/04/12 Fiscal policy in an expectations driven liquidity trap Mertens and Ravn Ida Maria Hjortso Andrew Gimber  HERE
05/11/12 Fund managers, career concerns and asset price volatility Guerrieri and Kondor Jeanine Baumert Anna Gibert  HERE

Adverse selection, reputation and sudden collapses in secondary loan markets

The rise of the service economy
Chari, Shourideh and Zetlin-Jones

Buera and Kabosky
Clodomiro Ferreira

Kirill Shaknov
Josef Schroth

Maren Froemel

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