EUIA PRESS is a platform and press agency created  by Stichting GODOGOOD.
To support journalists and to create events to connect people to work on a journalistic level on cases in and outside the EU.

Journalists can join the network and present themselfes by creating a profile page.
New journalists and people who are willing to become active in journalism can become a volunteer to help to raise awareness 
and share free educational tools to educate ourselfes.

The network wishes to provide tools, translations, research and innovations that can help to make journalism a public and open thing.
We also want to protect journalists and help them to find sponsors or fundings for research and investigational projects.
Our goal is to create content and share it public to keep it possible to provide facts and figures and share the news open and publicly.

By reposting content from other journalists, platforms and governemental social media posts, ..
we hope to provide interest and create attention for the actual business and keep facts and figures publishing towards people ...

Missions :
Scaling up the scale of who are able to read, see, listen and experience the facts.

Creating content that is public, facts and figures. Innovations, Research, .. Journalistic Approach.

Making it possible to gather and share experiences. Sharing content, Sharing thoughts, Sharing space and time to work together.

Providing news, Educational Tools, Empowering People to create content and make it possible to work together.

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