Recycling is going strong in Lane County, but where is repair?

Lane County Waste Management is seeking the community’s input to continue to add to the local “repair resource guide” for Lane County.  This is an effort to explore the barriers and opportunities that community members encounter when thinking about repairing broken items instead of throwing them out and buying new.

It’s easy to join the conversation – community members may provide their ideas through the Testimonial Page (see left sidebar "Give Us Your Testimonial"), 


“Our goal is to seek out, then promote all the options for repair available to Lane County communities,” said Sarah Grimm, Lane County Waste Reduction specialist. “With such a thriving community of reusers, I’m sure that repair is still alive and well and all we need to do is remind folks of the benefits.” 

Families save money and resources for the future when they choose to repair and reuse, according to Grimm. “We have the opportunity to build stronger, sustainable jobs when we encourage this type of neighbor-to-neighbor service economy,” she said.  

The Website

The repair resource guide (both online and printed) provides local contacts for reuse and repair service providers in addition to tips and ideas for do-it-yourselfers. 


Community members are encouraged to join the conversation about repair. To add a repair person or shop to this directory, please call 541-682-4339 or leave a comment in our "Join Our Discussion" on the left in the sidebar