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Every corner of our community has at least one thrift store —and the urban core sports
many!  Whether they
are nonprofit or for-
profit, shopping first at second-hand shops or garage sales always saves money and always helps the environment (exception: energy and water usage should take precedence over reuse in the purchase of appliances that use those resources).  

In addition to the traditional clothing and household items, there are also second hand shops for building materials and house parts. In fact reuse is so popular that the local reuse market is quite saturated with quality goods. Lane County Waste Management gets frequent inquiries about what to do with perfectly good items that the reuse centers have turned down. If your offer to donate or drop off is refused, try these ideas: 

  • List it for free on internet bulletin boards such as,,, etc.
  • Place a note on community bulletin boards such as the one maintained by Sundanc.
  • Announce to friends, churches, and other community groups you are involved in.
  • In fair weather, of course, setting items in the driveway with a free sign often works.
Now lets Re-Energize Repair!
Over the years, while reuse options have expanded, it seems repair shops have been quietly fading into the background. Even those who do repair work will explain that it costs more to repair than buying new. But Master Recyclers in Lane County recognize that spending our money for local repair services is far better than spending it on the wasteful manufacture of more disposable products.

In celebration of the 40th Earth Day in 2010, Master Recyclers worked together to identify who was available to provide repair services and were hoping to promote a healthy local economy that can begin to repair our wasteful ways. The result of that work, is! And, a Printable Brochure available in many city halls and libraries in Lane County communities.

Please keep in mind: The people listed here have been contacted to confirm they want to be listed. However no effort was made to confirm or guarantee certifications, licenses, insurances etc. It is your responsibility to protect yourself in transactions with private entities. Lane County makes no guarantee or confirmation of quality or dependability.

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