Exterior Photos




 The paved private drive off  McLean Blvd is shared with just one other home, offering privacy, and a level of peace and quiet rarely found in the city... a wonderful transition from work to home. 

The covered entrance has a structurally integrated bench and rails overlooking the sloping landscape. A handsome front door features beveled glass with side panels.

The exterior of this multi-level home is red cedar; the decks are yellow cedar. (The exterior has been restored to its original, lighter, natural wood color since these photos.) A portion of the decking is visible to the right of the upper bay windows. A bowered stone walkway from the entry (which is up one level to the left of this picture) curves down to the patio.  One level down from patio (shown here, off the family/media room) is a small lawn (electric mower provided). From here, a rhododendron-lined stone path curves down the rather steeply sloping lot through a variety of shrubs, trees and natural grassy areas.

The tri-level deck is just off the kitchen, allowing easy alfresco dining high above the city. Sliding doors from the annex open onto a smaller deck portion which is located up a short flight of stairs off the right side of this picture.

Visible just below the main deck rail you can see a copper roof which hangs over a double door providing access to a rough under-deck storage area.

You'll love the views of city, Coburg Hills, and treetops. Giant mimosa, pines, rhododendron and other species frame your view while obscuring neighboring rooftops.

The house has a wood-paneled garage as well as a carport.   A 2- room + bath annex has two tall windows and a glass door shown here to the right of the garage. A separate door to the main house office opens off the exterior wall perpendicular to the the annex. (Both the annex and the main house office have doors opening onto this carpark area.)

The main entrance to the house to the far right of this photo.

Stone stairway below main entrance. (Leads to  patio area.)

Path below house and patio area.

Arbor on lower level, off patio.