Southern Oregon InvaHashional - SOOOOIIIIIIII - Dec 1-3, 2017

Who's Cumming...                  SOI 2017 REGO FORM

Glorious! Victorious! Multiple kegs of beer for the 40 of us! 

UPDATE:  All beds are taken.  There is floor space and possibly a couch...

It's time to black out the first weekend in December, pack your largest vessel, ask your mom for 79 early Christma$ present$, head out to lands surrounded by trees, river, trees, landowners with guns, hot tubs, trees and a couple slightly sloping hills.

SOI Pronunciation Guide:

This year we will ensnare Ashland, Coos Bay, Bend, and Eugene into our weekend of joint debauchery!  We again have the Galice Lodge on the Rogue River where Shenanigans are certain to transpire.  The Lodge is on the river in the midst of BLM land, with a full kitchen, 8 bedrooms, lots of couches, and 7 bathrooms!!!.  Bring your foolishness and thirst for beer and join the party. 

We are also renting the Riverhouse next door.  It has 5 bedrooms and sleeps at least 18 half minds.  

The first 40 to register get a space in a bed, otherwise bring a sleeping bag for crashing on a couch.  Remember that there are multiple beds in every room: a double and a single bed in most rooms in the Lodge, 2 doubles in most rooms in the Riverhouse.  Plan on bunking in groups of 3 or4.  

Sleeping arrangements will be attempted to be folded:  first registered, first to be guaranteed rooms and roommates of choice.

Please do not contact the Lodge directly: Send your questions to us!  The owners like us and we want to keep it that way.

Come Friday night for drinking, games, potluck, and a late nite Snipe Hash!

Stay Saturday for an epic Hash hared by 4Stroke and Barely, religion, dinner, and, of course, beer!  Warning:  4Stroke was born and raised in a patch of poison oak on top of cliff near the Galice Lodge and grew up swinging a steel hammer in the Galice mines.  He personally knows every badger, goat, mountain lion, coyote, and fox in the area and they have shown him every trail for miles in every direction.

 Sunday  Hangover breakfast, Hangover Hash, and head home.

Food: Breakfast, lunch, snacks, & dinner Saturday, and breakfast Sunday included!

Friday night is a potluck-style dinner.  Bring your best grub to impress your friends!

Everyone will take a turn as either Chef or Galley Slave.  Sign-ups tba.  


Who: Ashland H3, Coos Bay H3, Bend H3, Eugene H3

Where:  Galice Lodge, 11744 Galice Rd, Merlin, OR.  -  Ashland 1 hour, Eugene 1 hour-69 minutes, Cottage Grove 2 hours, Coos Bay  2 1/2 hours.

When: Dec 1st   3:00pm to Dec 3rd 2pm (Day-trippers... hash will be at noon on Saturday, Dec 3rd)

Why: It's fun!

How much: $79 Early Registration for the first 40 hashers, which includes beer, food, ale, one day of house rental, (the second is free) and grog.  Plus some other stuff tba.

$89 Full Price Registration until Nov 28th.  $99 thereafter if there is room. Please don't show up unannounced and expect us to have schlepped food and beer for you into the middle of the wilderness!!!

Southern Oregon Hash discount:  $69 for the first 5 AH3 or CBH3!  

Day Trippers: $25.  But then you have to drive home.  So why not sign up for the whole weekend instead?   (Day tripper prepay is $20 if paid at least a week in advance.) 

Sorry, resort does not allow hash dogs, or any dogs for that matter.

What to bring: A headlamp for the Friday night Snipe Hash, A potluck dish for Friday night dinner, a sleeping bag if you are a late-late registration, warm clothes, extra towel for the hot tub, a chosen bedmate whom you have convinced to register, a pig, a farmer, a shotgun, a water gun, river raft, a river rat and your river waders. 

You can print out the rego and send a check to :
 Larry Wikander, 1991 Lawrence Street, Eugene, OR 97405.  

Or email the rego and  "paypal friends"  to 

SOI 2017 REGO FORM (printable version)
(printable pdf link can be found at bottom of Rego Form)

SOI 2017 REGO FORM (fill out online and auto-submit right here!)


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