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Find yourself on the Peace Wheel

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There's a good chance that no matter what you're doing, it's related to a culture of peace in one of the eight sectors of  the Peace Wheel, which is a working model for Peacebuilding, developed by Pathways to Peace over the last 25 years. It consists of eight sectors, or pathways, that are interconnected and that symbolize different ways that people can help build Peace. These pathways transcend national, ethnic, racial, religious, age, or gender differences; they are common to every society. Once you find the sector that seems to fit you most closely, follow the link to Peace Actions and discover opportunities to collaborate.

PEACE THROUGH LAW and Governance: Where governments respect the human rights of all their citizens and settle disputes by the rule of law for the common good. Participatory government and empowerment of civil society. Planetary Citizenship. Peace Actions in Law

PEACE THROUGH HABITAT of Relationships and Health: Where all people have food, shelter and access to medical care. Children are born into and raised by healthy families and communities. Partnership models. Peace Actions in Habitat

PEACE THROUGH EDUCATION: Where literacy and education for all are accomplished facts. Lifelong development of innate wisdom. Peacebuilding skills, Peace leadership. Peace Actions in Education

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS: Where economic practices create well-being for all stakeholders, including the commonwealth through production, labor, finance. Social responsibility and servant leadership. Peace Actions in Business

PEACE THROUGH CULTURE: Where beauty, the arts, media and cultural exchanges inspire the best in people. Powerful positive bridges between people that strengthen linkages between societies. Accountability for what is broadcast as cultural images. Peace Actions in Culture

PEACE THROUGH SCIENCE: Where the benefits of science, technology and noetic development are for evolutionary unfoldment of all life. Ongoing inquiry into human behavior and basic harmonizing principles in Nature. Developing principles for practical, peaceful co-existence. Peace Actions in Science

PEACE THROUGH ENVIRONMENT: Where the earth in all her natural beauty is treasured and its resources utilized sustainably, for this and future generations. "Living" systems and structures that integrate human needs with renewable material resources, restoring the natural environment. New energy systems, voluntary simplicity, growth in harmony with nature's Laws. Peace Actions in Environment

PEACE THROUGH RELIGION and Spiritual Teachings: Where tolerance and appreciation of diverse religious beliefs is the rule, spiritual practice in encouraged, and reverence for life fostered. Exploring the underlying unity of Ageless Wisdom teachings, adapted for each era and culture. Ultimate honor and respect for the privacy and sanctity of each individual's unique relationship to Deity. Peace Actions in Religion