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Peace Week 2014

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The International Day of Peace was established by a unanimous resolution of the United Nations in 1981 as a day that "shall be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of Peace both within and among all nations and peoples." 

This year's theme is "the right of peoples to peace."
The United Nations in December 1978 stated "every nation and every human being, regardless of race, conscience, language or sex, has the inherent right to life in peace," and in November 1984 "solemnly proclaimed that the peoples of our planet have a sacred right to peace." 

Each day is moving us closer to mainstream acceptance of a culture of peace in Eugene-Springfield. What the world needs now is a visible bridge, a tangible, measurable, easily understood way forward. It isn't just the absence of violence that we need, it's the presence of active solutions, a way out, a way through difficult conflicts with sustainable, long-lasting benefits. It takes great courage, patience, and self-discipline. And it can be done, millions of people are on that path. The history, status and trends of peacebuilding have been ignored for too long and need to be lifted into awareness now, as the history of war and violence really teaches us only what NOT to do, it does not teach us the way forward. Our mission during Peace Week Eugene is to inspire, inform, mobilize and support year-round activities promoting security, prosperity, and quality of life, the foundations of a culture of peace. In this way, ordinary people are able to achieve something that most people desire, but many mistakenly believe to be impossible. Our message is “we are all in this together, and we all have a right to peace.” (Article: The Invisible Yet Existent Culture of Peace

KEZI report on 100-day countdown

Who is coordinating the events?

The planning team is a coalition of community members primarily associated with CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County) and Eugene Peace Team. The right side-bar displays the growing number of organizations that are either sponsoring or producing their own event during Peace Week.

How do I get more information?

Please contact either Stephanie at (541-485-1755) or David at (541-520-6621).


Academy of Arts & Academics
Al-Nakba Awareness Project
Cedar Sangha
Church Women United
Interfaith Prayer Service                         International
Juventud FACETA
Lane Institute of Faith &                         Education
Leung Martial Arts
Nobel Peace Laureate                             Monument
Oregon Network for                                 Compassionate                         Communication
Peace Love & Pottery 
People's Climate March
Springfield Church of the                                         Brethren
Water Ceremony
Words of Peace Global


Euphoria Chocolate
Lani Moku Grill


All That! Dance
Ballet Folklórico Alma de                             Mexico
Casey Beasley-Bennett
Centennial Elementary School
Chinese-American Lion                                 Dancers
Dances of Universal Peace
Eleanor Roosevelt
In Accord
Keegan Keppner
North Eugene HS Ukulele                                       Orchestra
Raging Grannies
Rich Glauber
Song Spinners
Walterville Elementary Kids                         Choir


Parent, Community and                    Diversity Program
90by30 campaign
Al-Nakba Awareness Project
Beyond War Northwest
Brahma Kumaris
Ceasefire Oregon
Center for Dialogue &                                     Resolution
Church Women United
Community Alliance of Lane                         County
Downtown Rotary Peace                                 Committee
Eugene Peace Team
Health Care for All Oregon
Human Rights Commission
Indigenous Support Coalition                         of Oregon
Interfaith Prayer Service                             International
Juventud FACETA
Latin American Solidarity                             Committee
Mayor Kitty Piercy
Million Mom March
National Association for the                         Advancement of                      Colored People
Nobel Peace Laureate                                 Monument
Occupy Medical
Palmo Center for Peace &                             Education
Sexual Assault Support                                 Services
Share International
Skipping Stones Magazine
City of EugeneTeen Court
Trauma Healing Project
Veterans for Peace
Wellsprings Friends School
Women’s Action for New                              Directions
Words of Peace Global
Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon


American Civil Liberties Union
Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority
Eugene Police Dept.
Oregon’s Fox
Rhythm of Peace
Sponsors, Inc.
Springfield Diversity
Suburban Conversion Project
U of O Grad Program in    Conflict & Dispute Resolution
The Jazz Station
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