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Olympian Initiative

Peace Is the Only Gold

A Global Education Initiative

The Olympic Charter states that the purpose of the Olympic Games is…"to educate youth through sports to create a better and more peaceful world." 

What better next step than to have Olympians worldwide inspiring young people to think like Olympians about their personal goals, their community and a world at peace?

Program Foundation:

The field of exceptional human performance tells us that in order to achieve any lofty/worthwhile goal there are three key elements. When people begin to consciously incorporate these elements into their daily life, they are able, not just to achieve one peak moment, but to maintain this level of performance over time, and systematically evoke this level of performance in others.

3 Key elements:

  • Passion -- Having a strong desire to achieve the objective which gives rise to tremendous energy and creativity
  • Vision -- Knowing in detail what the goal looks like, where we are relative to that and the skills and steps needed to achieve the goal
  • Action -- Having daily mental and physical practices with coaching, feedback and recognition regarding how they are progressing 

Olympian Thinking™ is a four-year program that gives youth the inspiration and the skills to envision, plan and achieve success in their lives. The program is based on Olympian Technology™, a high performance "vision to action" program developed by two-time Olympic Pentathlete Marilyn King. It utilizes the same thinking skills currently taught to elite athletes, astronauts, corporate executives and others interested in exceptional human performance

5 Key components:

  • "Thrival Kit" - thinking skills and wisdom traditions
  • Olympians - as "magnetic attractors" to engage youth
  • Implementation Teams - to support the dreams and efforts of young people
  • Internet Access - to link people and projects
  • Annual United Nations/International Day of Peace Global Celebration

How it works:

Olympic athletes, through their alumnae organizations and at the Olympic Games, are provided with the Olympian ThinkingTM framework and implementation process. Upon returning home, they partner with local media and community-based organizations such as Rotary to create awareness and coordinate community support for the youth service provider sites where the Olympian Thinking framework and activities are made available. On the International Day of Peace each year Olympians recognize young people who are learning to think like Olympians about their goals, their community and their world.

Olympian Thinking to Peace

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