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What's your practice?

What good is it to me that the United Nations gave birth to an International Day of Peace in 1981, and I do not also give birth to Peace in my time and in my culture? We are all meant to be mothers of Peace. Peace is always needing to be born. 

(phrasing borrowed from Meister Eckhart)

Take The Pledge! 

"Building peace means living it, noticing it, and encouraging it. I often think it would be good to have people writing letters to the editor frequently, or getting on radio programs, pointing out acts of kindness, peaceful responses, and efforts to better work with and connect to those we often disagree with. These are all part of building a City of Peace." -- Kitty Piercy, Mayor of Eugene

Put yourself on the map

Do you practice peace? You probably do. Most of us grossly underestimate the effect our small and daily actions have on other people. Why not encourage others by telling your story? Look at what others have posted on the map below. Find a few of the blue markers and click on them to see what they've been doing. You can click on the map and drag it around to see more. 

To add yourself to the Compassionate Actions Map, simply add whatever information you may have to the Action Report Form


Local opportunities to make a difference

To find a place to volunteer, look at Eugene Peace Team Map, enter “volunteer” in the search window at the bottom left of map. To stay inspired, sign up for the Eugene Peace Team newsletter
Also see these links:

Find your role as a volunteer by phone:
United Way ... dial only 211 
White Bird ... 541-342-8255 ask for Ben 
Karina Fon, City of Eugene ... 541-682-8478 

Practical suggestions

We are all on the Peace Team whether we know it or not, and to perform as excellent team members we need to be connected to our passion, clear in our vision, and strategic in our action plan for winning the only gold medal worth winning: a world that works for everyone. 

  • Your Passion: Believe in Peace with your whole heart! Trust that we are in an upward spiral of peacebuilding knowledge and abilities. Willis Harman said, "The negative belief that peace is not possible is the greatest impediment to achieving peace."  (Read: Peace is Possible by Willis Harman)           
  • Your Vision: Your imagination is powerful. Think about Peace every day, what it looks like, feels like and why it matters to you. Learn about the places where peace exists already: the history, trends, progress indicators, best practices, peace-makers. Remain curious about what works; thoughtful questions are more important than definitive answers.
  • Your Action: Focus on your role in the solution in areas like education, law, environment, culture. Plan a strategic path to make your best contribution to the team. Collaborate with those who attract you. Listen for the collective wisdom of the group and act like a gold medal team. Stretch for your personal gold medal; make daily progress. Heal your past wounds, mistakes, fears and violent thoughts. Absorb inspiration, wisdom, mentoring, meditation, rest, exercise, nutrition and play. 

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