We're going to make peace 
by putting it in the hands of the people!


"Eugene City of Peace" is a meme, an affinity group, and a vision of collaboration. There are probably at least 150 groups in Eugene-Springfield that support human security, prosperity, and quality of life. Each organization has a special task focus, yet their collective impact is as if they were a team working for a culture of peace!

Our aspiration is that Eugene be one of many International Cities of Peace, a network of communities that by history, resolution, or proclamation are self-defining themselves as official Cities of Peace. There are over 100 City of Peace projects around the world, and the International Cities of Peace association hopes to reach 1,000 cities by the year 2020.

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Eugene Peace Team interactive mind map:

Eugene Peace Teams are: 

  • working through government and legal systems to protect human rights, gender equality and participatory democracy
  • building access to food, shelter, and medical care
  • promoting healthy families
  • teaching literacy and peacebuilding skills
  • improving the social responsibility of businesses
  • inspiring the best in people through the arts and cultural exchange
  • advancing scientific and technological applications to human harmony 
  • integrating human needs with renewable resources for this and future generations
  • facilitating appreciation for diverse spiritual practices and exploring their underlying unity

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Eugene Celebration Parade Peace Team dove
Eugene Peace Team dove flies in the Eugene Celebration Parade!

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