Eugene City Barnstormers

Old-time music with an altitude

*not a commercial venture*

Come on baby, dance with us

Green Acres Grange
(=South Coast FS)

Jawbone Flats

Eugene Contra
Corvallis Contra
Bend Contra

World Cafe, Eugene


Paul's garage (of course)

Portland Old-time Gathering (YEAH BUBBA)

Long Tom Watershed Council

Polyamory Society

Oregon Country Fair

Weddin' Barn Dance! Hay rides!

Your imagination is the limit.  Or not.

Wes Messinger (banjo)  Paul Clements (guitar) Seth Kimmel (bass) Shawn Lockery (fiddle) Rosie Sweetman (caller)


Dance music!  Party music!  Weddin' music! 

The Eugene Barnstormers wander back roads and small rural communities sawing and picking for gatherings of joyful dance: connecting past, present and future in motion.
 Do come dance.

Contact: Shawn Lockery 541-844-9275 

Spin around in circles and get dizzy