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Nature Photography

Greenfoot Slides ( -->kakihijau)

  • Greenfoot introduction part-1 (powerpoint slides) , covering Greenfoot visual interface, objects interaction and some intros to the standard scenarios
  • Greenfoot introduction part-2 (powerpoint slides) focuses on "Understanding wombats Scenario"
  • Greenfoot introduction part-3 (powerpoint slides) addresses "modification and programming"


Satellite vs. Cable : A Case (download)

Ebooks & Sample Chapters

Tools & Softwares

  • Ray Tracing Propagation Tool (MATLAB) : download 
  • Simple SDH Planning Case (Applet) : download
  • Simple Network Connectivity Visualization (MATLAB) : download


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Forschung und Publikationen

A Study of the Importance of Satellite Systems for Indonesia (indonesian) - click here to download

Satellite's Rough-Invesment Calculator (indonesian, excel) - considering only european / north-american launcher

Optical Networking

IP Networking