SiS alumni side-programme

In parallel to the conference, a workshop will be arranged for a group of young people who have participated in SiS interventions (Children’s University type models or other awareness programmes or outreach activities) in previous years - as delivered by various EUCU.NEt members, SiS-Catalyst partners or other science related organizations.

They are being encouraged to reflect and present how their involvement has influenced their individual learning journeys and their progress to higher education. Moreover, these young people may have a role nowadays in delivering such programs as young students. Consequently, they will reflect on the role which they may see for themselves as a possible change maker for the institutions in question – as having been addressee of science communication programs and/or having a share in the roll-out of such programmes.

The SiS  alumni programme will include:

A panel discussion and presentations of individual reflections of how Universities could better engage with young people and enter into an active dialogue (as potential future students and scientists) from the earliest age possible - in face of social diversity and individual learning journeys. In return, how Universities might benefit from a strategic shift towards non-traditional dialogue groups in face of the challenges and demographic change.

A campus tour to identify symbolic representation of key points in their individual learning journeys

A workshop session on how the dialogue with young people can be streamlined and how model approaches of “listening to young people” can be propagated as a strategic instrument for the modernization of higher education in Europe.

The group of SiS alumni will include young people from:

  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • UK
  • France
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey